Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s styling to honor Javier Milei

High-profile meeting at the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of the regional Executive. The president has received the Argentine president Javier Mileyto which he has granted the International Medal of the Community of Madrid, a distinction that is awarded in recognition of the “deep historical, cultural, linguistic and economic ties” that unite Madrid with Argentina. A special occasion for which Isabel Diaz Ayuso She has recovered a very special style: the dress she wore at her inauguration as president just a year ago.

It is a design of Victoria, the signature of Vicky Martín Berrocal that Madrid politics usually resort to in their big events. This, in particular, is the Violeta model, handmade in Spain from crepe and with an elastic boat neckline, knotted in the center and decorated with a drape around the shoulders. It is a design with armhole sleeves and a dress with an Italian seam, a skirt fitted to the waist with a straight cut and midi length and a small opening in the back. She has combined it with nude pumps.

Ayuso received Milei at the doors of the Royal Post Office at 7:00 p.m. The president has been received with cheers and applause by citizens gathered in the area who shouted “Milei, friend, Spain is with you”. A relaxed and festive atmosphere in opposition to the tension that the Argentine experiences with the leader of the Government, Pedro Sanchezwhom he attacked during a massive rally, as well as his wife, Begoña Gómezwhich he called “corrupt.”

After signing in the region’s Book of Honor and receiving the International Medal of the Community of Madrid at the hands of Ayuso, Milei gave a passionate speech with which he attacked socialism again and launched the occasional personal barb: “The Socialists believe in a horrible and impoverishing monster called social justice, a truly aberrant idea, what was called weasel words (…) They usually raise noble issues but discretion always plays tricks, There are always leaks, which can be caused by a sibling or a partner. And whoever wants to understand, let him understand.”. Milei thanked the award, saying that “Madrid is a beautiful city” and asking Spaniards to “not let socialism ruin their lives.”

The Madrid president spoke before presenting the medal to Milei and thanked her for the visit. Ayuso has vindicated the policies of the current Government of Argentina and has reinforced the union of both countries. “May Argentina and Spain never break their historical ties,” he said.