Isabel Díaz Ayuso loses her hair singing ‘Sufre mamón’ with David Summers in a solidarity initiative

Solidarity and fast-paced morning for Isabel Diaz Ayuso. This Friday, June 14, the president of the Community of Madrid has supported the initiative that David Summers and the A LA PAR Foundation have presented to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in society through music: Rock A LA PAR, with which they plan to create rock bands where kids compose, sing and play their songs. own themes.

“This initiative started from the need to help my son and all his classmateswhich are wonderful. My son is a great artist, he has a degree of autism but he is a wonderful kid, he plays the guitar, the bass, the drums, and he also paints.. Last year she participated in a painting workshop that was a total success. Dani is proud of me as a father, and this year it came from me that I wanted to continue with art and we are going to create a rock or pop groupor whatever, so that music helps them direct their lives,” said David Summers, who ended up singing on stage – accompanied by his son on guitar – Suffers Mamon – a song that the president of the Community of Madrid, a faithful follower of Hombres G, also sang and danced without hesitation from a stool in the pulpit.

Subsequently, Isabel Díaz Ayuso took her turn to speak and stated: “Thanks to the foundation and to David Summers, a singer whom I admire like obviously all of my generation and who also has something that I appreciate, which is his son Dani, who He is no longer a child, he is a wonderful boy. Of course, if I had a child, if I had been able to have my son, who would be four months old today, I wish he were like you, Dani. He couldn’t be more affectionate, kinder and a phenomenon“, he commented with emotion.

Then he continued: “When we often talk about disability, we should ask ourselves what disability, because we all have abilities and disabilities.We are all very good at some things and very very bad at others. I, for example, sing like a wet cat. “If I had to sing,” she joked, “we wouldn’t be able to pull this off, and yet I have a good ear for songs.”. And there are people with disabilities who are musical geniuses like Dani or like many other people who will be part of this rock band that is born from today. And the success is going to be such that we are going to have to open several rock bands in the Community of Madrid, and I would like nothing more,” said Ayuso, who stressed: “The G Men are very good vibes!“.

The casting for those who want to apply – the requirements are to have a disability and be over 18 years of age, in addition to knowing how to play an instrument, sing or have musical aptitudes – will open registration on September 10 through the website www.rockalapar. .com. In October there will be an in-person casting, the members will be selected and then the preparation, rehearsals and concerts will come.

“Nothing would be possible without the work that A LA PAR has been doing for 75 years, which helps people with disabilities have an independent life. There are already 200,000 people who have gone through this foundation and who have been able to get ahead, tear down the walls and have a much happier and fuller life, and that is thanks to dedicated work, often without seeking anything in return or protagonism. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for taking care of what is truly important in life,” the president stressed. Likewise, during her speech, Ayuso expressed her passion for music. “There are few things capable of moving the world, and one is love, but the other is music. I, of course, would not understand life without music because it breaks down walls and crosses borders, it is capable of anything.“he concluded.