The daughter of the tonadillera was the star guest this Monday on Jorge Javier’s program. The low audiences of the Chinese Stories have forced to ‘salvamize’ the format: today, live connection with Lydia Lozano and Belén Esteban at the funeral of María Teresa Campos and interview with One Piin the countdown to her wedding with Asraf Beno. The finishing touch to the reunion of bride and best man was the announcement of her incorporation into Jorge Javier’s team.

“Thank you for trusting me again”, she said after announcing the signing. The premiere of her has not left anyone indifferent, since the daughter of Isabel Pantoja has revealed new details about their wedding: “The relationship with my mother has not been fluid at all for a long time. I have not been able to tell her anything about my wedding, not even that you are the best man, although she knows it,” he said. “It makes me very sad that she doesn’t come because it is an important day for me and I have been to all of hers, but I don’t want to judge her. She will have her reasons and I will respect them.”

Of course, both Isa Pi and Jorge Javier wanted to make it clear that if Pantoja does not go to the wedding, it is because he does not want to. Without excuses: “I told Isa to keep me in reserve as godfather. That is, I don’t want to be her mother’s excuse for not going, so Isabel, if you want to accompany your daughter that day, I understand it perfectly and I will stay in home“, he said. “Yes, Dulce is just like you. If my mother comes, she doesn’t come, because you only want to see me happy and you know that my mother is my mother. If she doesn’t come it’s her decision. I can’t do more, I’m not going to be left alone,” Isa said.

Jorge has defended the young woman tooth and nail: “I agreed to be your godfather because you have already suffered enough, too many people have left you aside without deserving it, and if I can make your day happier, I will do whatever I can.” my hand to make it so,” he said, some direct words to the heart of Kiko Rivera, among others.

Sadness aside, Isa has said that there will be about 140 guests, among whom will be Lydia Lozano and his cousin Anabel: “She’s coming with her boyfriend. I’m going to meet him that day.” Furthermore, she has already chosen the song that she will dance with Asraf after becoming husband and wife: ‘If they leave us’. I love it.’ And she has even found a partner for Jorge Javier: “I have some friends that you might like,” she said, laughing.