Irene Urdangarin turns 18: green light for her parents’ divorce (after a long year of waiting)

The coming of age of Irene Urdangarin, next Monday, June 5, gives a free track for her parents, the infanta christina e Iñaki Urdangarin, file the application for divorce by mutual agreement. A demand that has been waiting, since the public breakdown of the marriage occurred in January 2022, more than a year ago, with the already famous romantic walk of the former handball player with his girlfriend, Ainhoa ​​Armentia, by a Bidart beach in broad daylight. The former Duke of Palma cared little – and has cared – whether or not they saw him walking hand in hand with Ainhoa ​​like two lovers because since then there have been many times that they have exhibited their love on the beaches of the Balearic Islands. The infanta, stoic, has endured the pull, and the guy, all these months. She revealed that the daughter of the emeritus Kings and her husband would wait until her daughter turned 18 to start the legal proceedings for the breakup. Now that Irene is blowing out the candles, the marriage can turn the page, file for divorce and look forward. The infanta would also be single for the first time, she turns 58 on June 13, with rumors of a new illusion. And the former duke she would allow to marry Armentia.

Irene’s arrival at adulthood is the key, then, to legally activate this marital breakdown. This birthday of hers comes with the end of high school and her graduation. A double celebration that will mean the family reunification of the Urdangarin-Borbón family. As she posts Holathis summit will take place on Friday June 16 and will be in Geneva.

Parents and siblings of the youngest would meet at this summit and Queen Sofía, who adores her grandchildren, is also expected to attend. Victoria Federica and the infanta elena They would also travel to Brussels to hug and congratulate Irene, slide the publication. Not so Froilán, who lives in Abu Dhabi. If it occurs, it would be a great family summit, which almost reissues the viral photo of the Bourbons on their visit to Juan Carlos I that Good Friday of 2022.

Irene’s style: centennial hair and jeans

The last photographs we have of Irene in a public act place her in Athens, at the funeral of Constantine of Greece, in January of this year. Then, with a black outfit, as a sign of mourning and respect, the youngest of the house sought support and refuge in her brother before the cameras Pablomuch more accustomed than she to photographs and the media.

Irene follows the trends, she really likes the casual looks of jeans and sneakers and, as a young centennial, she adores her extra long hair, like her cousins Sofia y Leonor.