Irene Urdangarin, who turned 18 on June 5, has finished high school and is now beginning a stage in his life but he will not do it as planned, starting a career in hospitality. Infanta Cristina’s youngest daughter wants to have a good time and see the world.

After Christmas he will travel to Cambodia, a destination suggested by his brother Juan, who was there five years ago with the foundation of Jesuit Kike Figaredo. He also wants the young woman to go to Mozambique and other exotic places. She will have time to study. Irene suffered in her studies since her father took the lover we all know. She lowered her academic performance.

Ainhoa ​​Armentia

He wants to make up for the ordeal of recent years. It must not have been easy for the young woman to see her father in prison, convicted of being a thief, her mother walking through the benches or witness the highly publicized separation of her parents after it was discovered that her father was living a passionate extramarital relationship with a coworker called Ainhoa ​​Armentia. His parents are still married and are still negotiating a divorce.

The magazine tells Hola that Irene has decided to take a gap year before starting university to live new experiences and work as a volunteer in a cooperation project. 40 years ago, her mother did something similar and lived in London to later study Politics and Sociology.

Irene has changed her mind and no longer wants to do hospitality. She will not go to the very expensive and prestigious school, the École Hôtelière, in Lausanne. This summer she has traveled through Spain, Greece, France and Abu Dhabi, where she visited her maternal grandfather, and she has gone out to party with her cousin Victoria and Federica, who knows a little about that.

In the next few days we will see her at the wedding of a cousin of hers in Barcelona and especially at the celebration of the coming of age of her cousin, Princess Leonor, at the El Pardo palace at the end of October, where she will see her entire family. reunited, although not to her father, predictably, who continues to be a pest for the Royal Family and is persona non grata for Felipe VI and Doña Letizia.