Irene Urdangarin, disgusted by being on the cover: fame is the other drama of the children of the Infanta Cristina

Irene Urdangarin He turns 18 next Monday and although he is still younger, he is on the cover of a magazine this Wednesday. The youngest of the infanta christina she wears 600 euro sneakers and Chanel bags at impossible prices but she doesn’t want to be influencer nor famous. Nothing to do not with her cousin Froilán of hers or with Victoria Federica. But while the latter negotiates covers and poses left and right, Irene has had to be dragged to the front page of the cuché. It is her birthday gift from her but she has undoubtedly upset him.

The next generation of the Spanish Bourbons, the one formed by the eight grandchildren of Juan Carlos I y doña sofia, offers a range of young people whose behaviors and public image contribute to add or subtract points to the image of the crown. Of all of them, only the princess eleanor and the infanta sofia They formally belong to the Royal Family, but they are all family of the king.

range of cousins of this third democratic generation, if we start counting in don Juan Carlos and leave behind don Juan, Alfonso XIII and their ancestors, it includes the descendants of the three sons of the Emeritus: those of the infantas Elena and Cristina, and the two daughters of Philip VI. They all occupy the top positions in the lines of succession to the throne.

The greatest of all is Froilán, a kind of enfant terrible. He was not a comfortable or brilliant student. His parents were changing his center and he took the night as an ally. Since he was a child he starred in scenes such as the kicks in the Almudena at the wedding of his uncles Felipe y Joyor shot in the foot while hunting with his father. froilan It has been involved in a multitude of events. He has been cannon fodder for the press with his adventures and misadventures since he was very young and has had to go into exile in the Persian Gulf like his grandfather to keep him away from the media spotlight and the scandals that constantly dotted him. Froilán, who turns 25 on July 17, would have been the Heir to the Spanish crown if the successor to Don Juan Carlos had been his mother, the firstborn, who does not reign because she is a woman. This is the current law in Spain. Paradoxically, she will be a woman, not having a male brother, who will occupy the throne after Felipe VI. At least, that’s how it is planned. Froilán’s behavior has led more than one commentator to praise the Salic Law, as unfair as it is anachronistic, but so practical in having freed us from having the Infanta Elena as queen and Froilán as prince of Asturias.

Juan Urdangarin He has been with his cousin Froilán for just over a year. The firstborn of the infanta christina e Iñaki Urdangarin he is 23 years old but he is a holy man. Nothing to do with the unruly Froilán. Juan, who has not been known for a girlfriend, is shy, a good student, serious and very dedicated to acting as a good older brother. He has lived between Sweden and Washington and one of his passions is sports, although he has not shone like his brother Pablo’s. He only as an amateur since he has never become a professional. His life was placid, relatively calm and pleasant until he began the nightmare of his father’s prosecution and subsequent imprisonment. With an imprisoned father, a mother dotted by the Nóos scandal and the media cannon of her parents’ separation from her, he has not changed his attitude, he has not given a bad grade. He is probably the most unknown of the four children born in the Urdangarin marriage (they are still married). What comes to us from him is that he volunteered in India, at family gatherings, such as visiting his grandfather in Abu Dhabi a year ago, or going to see his brother Pablo de él play.

Pablo Urdangarin He received praise from all over the world when we saw him appear in the media after the scandal involving his father’s lover. We all surrender to this young man because of his educated, natural and spontaneous behavior, and more so at a time of so much media pressure like the one he lived through. To make matters worse, at only 22 years old, he has inherited his father’s virtues: he is handsome and an exceptional athlete, who has directed his life towards professional handball, now earns a living with a salary and after passing through FC Barcelona has signed by a historic player like Granollers after finishing his contract with the second team of the Blaugrana club. He will play in the Asobal League and will bring to his team not only his good work on the field but also the visibility of a Bourbon, and on top of him he could evolve until he entered the national team. If he does, he’ll follow in the footsteps of his father, an Olympic medalist. Pablo will be able to continue living in Barcelona, ​​his hometown and where he has his girlfriend, your friends and family ties. The second of the sons of the infanta christina e Iñaki Urdangarin He has signed for one of the best teams, which has played a good role in the last three seasons. Pablo has in his favor his good height and his power, a left-handed man who does not play on the wing like his father but on the right wing. In addition, he is a very good teammate, many love him and in the locker room his sympathy also wins games.

Miguel Urdangarin He turned 21 in April and is the third son of the former Dukes of Palma de Mallorca. He is ninth in the line of succession to the Spanish throne after his cousins ​​the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Sofía, the Infanta Elena, Froilán, Victoria Federica de Marichalar, his mother, the Infanta Cristina, and his two older brothers Juan and Pablo. Nicholas. The fifth grandson of the kings of Spain has his uncle King Felipe VI as godfather while his godmother is Lucía Urdangarin, his maternal aunt.

He shares his obsession with being discreet with his brother Juan Valentín and it is not usual to see him at public events. One of the last, at the funeral of Constantine of Greece and unlike his older brother, Pablo, we have not heard him comment on the separation of his parents. Miguel learned to play the piano at school. Many remember his parents in the French Lyceum auditorium watching his son perform. He resumed classes in Geneva when the family moved. During his vacations we have seen him very skilled with water sports such as sailing, surfing or water skiing. We have also seen him sailing in Palma with his godfather. Not surprisingly, his love for the ocean led him to study in London Sciences of the Sea. As a child we saw him very close to his cousin Froilán. There is no record that he visited his cousin during Princess Eleanor’s stay in Wales.

Irene Urdangarin

Irene Urdangarin He’s not even 18 years old. He arrives this June 5 at his majority. In fact, she couldn’t be photographed without pixelar (because she is a minor), except for her status as a family of the King. They say that she is funny and independent and a practicing Catholic. She is a collateral victim of the scandals of her parents (the Nóos case and the separation), her school performance dropped and her mother has had to help her but those around her say that she is receptive and is helped.

Lover of music and reading, she is a very good athlete. She excels in skiing, swimming, tennis, running, sailing and she speaks Catalan, French and English, as well as having a good level of German. But what she doesn’t want is to be on the cover of a magazine.

However, like it or not, the youngest and only woman in the Urdangarin-Borbón family has been placed on the cover of nothing less than Hola five days before his birthday. But she doesn’t enjoy herself like her cousin Victoria did Federica with these things and it doesn’t fit in the head of anyone who makes cash in exchange for posing in fashion or gossip magazines like the daughter of the Infanta Elena. Nor can we imagine her flirting with bullfighters, fashionable DJs or motorcycle riders, neither in the bullrings nor at parties, nor being a star of Instagram. But it doesn’t matter: Irene doesn’t want to be famous or influencer. Despite his imposing figure, and measuring almost 1.80, or her blonde hair, she passes. She follows fashion and trends but professionally it seems that her plans are going in other ways, and the career she wants to choose has not yet been decided. She was told that she was going to study at the EHL Hospitality Business School in Lausanne, one of the best universities in the world for hotel management. But, although it has not been confirmed, the last thing Irene wants is to be a famous royal and go out in the cuche.

However, they are going to put it in the spotlight yes or yes. With that she will have to live because she is a woman and granddaughter of Juan Carlos I, and be the hinge that still holds their parents together in marriage before a role. The news that coming of age unlocks the inevitable divorce of her parents puts her in the spotlight. But she is disgusted with her notoriety. Irene gave up a coming-out and she will only have, as far as we know, the prize from her graduation event, scheduled for June 16, which she will bring together her parents.

She has proven to be the antithesis of her cousin. Victoria Federica. Discreet to a fault, her appearances are counted and she would like to be like that. But Irene will have to assume that the photographers take pictures of her, that they follow the photo of her father when Ainhoa ​​Armentia’s boyfriend travels to Switzerland to be by her side on such an important day.

But the very different ways of being of Victoria and Irene have not separated them as cousins. They get along very well and it is very likely that Froilán’s sister, who is signing up for a bombing raid, will travel with her mother, the Infanta Elena, to Geneva to celebrate graduation. Her paternal cousins ​​are also expected, the much older children of Ana Urdangarin: Lucía, Jan, Lucas, Hannah and Carlota who lived in Geneva as Irene. Of course, there will be her brothers.