Irene Montero, on Ana Obregón’s ‘rental’ maternity: “It is a case of violence against women”

The enormous debate on surrogate motherhood has been revived after the news that Ana Obregón has become a mother at the age of 68 through the surrogacy service, as published by the magazine Hola. The words of Irene MonteroMinister of Equality, did not wait this Wednesday, March 29.

Montero has expressed himself in a crystalline way before the gestation of substitution of obregon: “It is a practice that is not legal in Spain. The new law on Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights recognizes it as a form of violence against women.”

The minister has urged all the media to remember that this practice is illegal. “That they do not forget the women behind it. There is a clear discrimination bias due to poverty and, above all, that they do not forget the reality of those precarious women in a situation of risk of poverty.”