The best way to start a new month is to bet on a change of look. For this reason, the best-known faces in our country take the scissors and join the viral cut of the moment: short hair, also known as Mom bob. Personalities as diverse as Irene Montero o Aitana Ocaña They surprise their followers with this trend.

The Minister of Equality took advantage of this Thursday, September 28 (rest day of the investiture) to attend the Spanish Presidency of the EU on women’s sexual rights, in Zaragoza. Irene Montero’s appointment in the Aragonese capital made headlines due to the tense moment she had with the president of the Cortes of Aragon, Marta Fernandez.

The new haircut of the acting minister of equality also did not go unnoticed, who opted for a cut bob. Until now, Montero sported a medium length of hair with traces of california. Now, he surprises with short hair and his natural color, much more homogeneous.

In the music scene, Aitana is responsible for sweeping this hair trend. The former triumph leaves the good girl image in her pocket and launches her new album (Alpha) with a renewed look. The Catalan singer also joins the trend of her short hair and cuts her bangs above her eyebrows, a physical feature that she until now preferred to hide.

The fashion of wearing short hair reaches the famous Nancy dolls. At only 23 years old, the interpreter of You’re going to stay get to be the first celebrity with a Nancy in the market.