Irene Montero, at Rosalía’s feet after exploding for her fake-nude photos: “Say it queen”

The Minister for Equality has spoken about one of the controversies of recent days: that of Rosalía and her fake-nude photos, which were released by the Sevillian rapper JC Reyes without your consent. As expected, the flamenco revolutionary raised a cry to heaven.

La Motomami already wrote this Tuesday: “Going to look for clout disrespecting and sexualizing someone is a type of violence and it’s disgusting but doing it for 4 more plays is a shame.”

This Wednesday, he shared an important allegation in another publication: “A woman’s body is public property, it is not merchandise for your marketing strategy. Those photos were edited and you created a false narrative around when I didn’t even know you.”

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And he added: “There is something called consent and all of you who found it funny or plausible I sincerely hope that one day you learn that you come from a woman, that women are sacred and that we must be respected. Bye.” Irene Montero He came across this tweet from the Catalan artist and surrendered at his feet: “Say it queen.”

Rosalía’s tweet reaches 230,000 at the time of writing these lines likeswhile that of Podemos politics is also having a great impact with almost 17,000 in just twelve hours.