Iraola will have the quarry … as far as the regulation allows

Iraola bets on the quarry. This statement is supported by his first eleven of the season, which was attended by two homegrown players, Morro and newcomer Mario Hernández, and Fran García, with a subsidiary file. However, there could be more. This was confessed by the same technician in an interview with passion for lightning: “We could have put in some more youth squad, but the norm limits you because if someone is expelled you lose the game. Even Martín could have had minutes had it not been for that“.

And is that the regulation is clear: “In order to start a game, each of the teams must appear and maintain during the entire development of the game, at least seven players from those who make up the category in which they play.” That is to say, there must be seven first team players on the field at all times. And although it is legal to have four footballers with affiliate records, the coaches do not take risks in the event of any unforeseen event such as expulsion. The rule also includes an extraordinary clause for COVID-19. In the event of an outbreak, the minimum number of first-team footballers “will be five”.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Iraola currently has seven officers who have a branch file: Morro, Mario Hernández, Fran García, Martín Pascual, Dani Moreno, Sergio Benito and Sergio Moreno. The renewal of Joni Montiel also brought with it a professional contract, which is why it no longer adds to that list. These seven players represent 26% of the workforce, which today make up 27 names. However, it is still under construction and until the market close there will be several entries and exits.

The Ray of Iraola has started to walk and, in those first steps, has left a statement of intents. “The youth players are working well and they know they have competition with other players, but They have earned the opportunity and are taking advantage of it. It is not about putting them just because, but because you think they are prepared and have a level. The day in Mallorca went very well for us with Morro, Mario and Fran and we hope it continues like this. They will have not so good games, but we will have to continue to trust them“, affirmed the míster.