El Rayo will return to his old ways after the defeat at El Sadar and the national team break. Precisely the international commitments made the franjirrojo club move and request to delay the match against Elche to Monday, but LaLiga ruled it out. This will mean that players like Falcao and Mojica will hardly have time to prepare for the duel. A match in which the Vallecanos will have the losses of Merquelanz due to injury and Balliu due to suspension.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Analysis of the rival: “Elche has strengthened very well compared to last season and has played with different tactical variants, that forces you to prepare a lot. They have many options up front and forwards with different characteristics. In the center of the field they have many legs inside and out. out, speed. It is a First team that is doing things well and is competing in every game. “

Low: “We have Merquelanz’s, which will go a long way, and Balliu’s, due to sanction. We don’t rule out anyone from the rest.”

Equipment status after the break: “He competed well against Osasuna, but you don’t like leaving two weeks after losing. We are doing well and I think we are going to come to this game against Elche with good feelings.”

FIFA virus: “It’s like injuries. You don’t have certain players, but for that we also have longer squads. We have these unforeseen events, which are already predictable. Those who are playing less will have more prominence.”

The right side: “I’m not worried. We are going to have casualties throughout the year. There are perfectly trained players to give the level and they will show it.”

Falcao: “He will arrive safely. He is traveling, he will train one day with the team and he will be available. The internationals are used to so much hustle and bustle and Escribá will say the same about theirs. It is something that affects all teams.”

Given the situation of Falcao and arriving so fair, when would you have preferred to play ?: “The game is on Sunday, we knew what the deadlines were and that is how we have prepared it. I don’t know what has been said outside, but we have contemplated another possibility. It is rare that games are suspended in First, when they are played in Second . We who come from there know what is suffered when there is a stoppage. We only have to assume it. “

Match loading: “The protagonists, who are the players, have said it many times. We are squeezing them to the fullest. I understand the business part, that the more games, the more money, but I think that the demand with a player who never stops is very great. In other sports, which earn even more money than many footballers, they stop for months. We have to listen to the protagonist who is the footballer. Perhaps that is why there are so many injuries and we are so fair. This is still a business and that is why it is not usually listen to these kinds of messages. “

Dangers of Elche: “It has many. There are great names of its own, but above all it is a block that has things clear and difficult to beat. It is supportive and you do not pass lines easily. There are times when it goes very high to press and manages several records. He comes with a coach who knows the house well. That makes his job easier. He wins a lot of duels, he is physically powerful and it is not easy to impose himself. “

Keys to winning: “Trust that we have players who are doing well and that we are at that point of confidence that comes in handy. We must try to return to being a team similar to the one it has been until now, to push hard, to put pace, to generate chances and defend. Good. Elche is a team that receives little, like us. We can’t go wrong because putting the score against with a team like this is complex. “

Postponement or change of schedule: “I suppose the club would ask for it, it’s not my issue. We go back to business as usual, I don’t know what the norm is or how many hours have to pass, but it gets weird. Until now, games have never been suspended due to international calls. Luis García Plaza about the Africa Cup and he has his point of reason. Why sometimes yes and sometimes no? It is difficult to understand. “