Iraola: “I want to see Rayo from the preseason, that is recognizable”

Garter premiere: “We are already looking forward to the ball rolling and to measure our rivals. We have also had to start with one that has just descended, who has had a good preseason and is going to demand us. This will help us also to see where we are after an atypical preseason. There have been few friendlies and we have had to adapt training many times due to this situation. In general, I think we arrived well. It will be a test, in front of a very powerful opponent, to see and test how the team is doing. “

Motivated wardrobe: “When a season begins, the players are eager and motivated to win a position and contribute from the beginning. It is positive that there is internal competition. For that, then we are there, to make the decisions and I hope that this motivation will serve us for tomorrow” .

What Ray do you want to see in Mallorca: “A team in line with what we have been working on in the preseason. In the friendlies we have been recognizable. We want to play for as long as possible in their field, try to get as many approaches as possible, be dynamic, believe in what we are doing, being ordered and seeing that how far it takes us “.

The rival: “Mallorca has the base of the First team. They know each other very well. And also a series of players loaned in Second that are going to give them a plus. They have had a very good preseason. They have players at a good moment to Spark level and it's going to be a demanding match for us, no doubt. “

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Advíncula, low in the league premiere

Luis Advíncula is the most striking absence from the first list of Rayo de Iraola. The right back is low, as are Alberto, Baby and Ulloa, who continue to recover from their respective long-term injuries. This call for 23 players is made up of: Dimitrievski, Morro, Mario Hernández, Fran García, Catena. Saveljich, Velázquez, Abdoulaye, Martín, Mario Suárez, Óscar Valentín, Comesaña, Pozo, Lass, Álvaro García, Isi, Dani Moreno, Trejo, Joni Montiel, Andrés Martín, Qasmi, Sergio Benito and Sergio Moreno.