Machin He appreciated the defeat of Alavés, who managed to equal the score with ten players, but saw that point slip away almost at the end. The technician also explained the rotations and how he sees the immediate future.

We have gone from the merit of drawing with ten to the downturn of 1-2 …

It was difficult for us to reach the goal, but Atlético, which is the leader, has also had a hard time. In the first half they had very few approaches, we did a good defensive job and wear and tear. We have had no fortune. The 0-1 comes from a pass from us that we give them the counter and enters a rebound. Then in the second, with the red one from Laguardia, it has been complicated for us, but I am left with the arrests that the team has had to know how to suffer and wait for its moment. Atleti does not easily create chances and the pity is that we have achieved 1-1 and we cannot allow a mistake like 1-2, we have not been able to defend. It costs a lot to tie and then lose, but you have to accept it.

He has made many changes in the eleven.

We have to make a match approach, but sometimes it can be changed in a minute. We need a plan B and alternatives. The idea was to refresh the team, seeing that we had one less day off, and optimize the squad. We have made changes to compete from you to you and to be putting people who give us dynamism in attack and look for the failures of the rival. Duarte was with a blow, Javi had his moment, Ximo was in pain and it was time to give him rest, Battaglia had just been sanctioned, Jota on the inside could help prevent the circulation of Atleti … It makes me angry that after scoring the goal, we haven't gotten the point. The expulsion has conditioned us for this party and for that of Cádiz.

Is the red one rigorous?

It seems that way to me, but I assume it like every time the referee makes a decision. The plays that are of interpretation should be left to the referee, because if you call him to see him, he is conditioned. When they go to look at the screen, the VAR is usually right, when it should be for flagrant errors. Beyond that, I don't want to look for excuses.

In what situation is the team within the classification?

The reality is the classification and the position we deserve is the one we have. If our goal is salvation, we are close to that average. Worse you have to think about the immediate, the Cup, Cádiz … Then theoretically more fearsome rivals will play, but that will come. You have to think about today, not in the long term, and about getting performance from the squad.


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