After many afternoons in which neither could nor could explain why it cost 50 million at the time, Eder
Militao he finally made up for it with a good game. And it was not just anybody, but he did it in a quarterfinal of the Champions before him Liverpool, champion of England.

His presence in the crash was curious from the beginning. The truth is that the Brazilian pointed to the bench but the positive of Varane by Covid-19 he raised him to ownership at the last minute. And no longer in the duel before those of Klopp it also aims to be in the Classic and in the second leg of Champions in Anfield.

Yesterday, the central ex of Porto He was expeditious, attentive to the crossing and, above all, fast. He helped the defense to come out with the ball played and although he did not jump up with the personality of a veteran center-back, he did cover the record without registering rude mistakes as before. It was undoubtedly a good replacement for Varane.

He knew how to override Diogo
Jot and made almost invisible Firmino. Attack of a Liverpool that came with the big bad wolf label was neutralized in part by the performance of Militao and that Zidane appreciated.

Regularity to improve

At 22 years old, Militao he pointed out ways, what he lacked was to demonstrate them with participations on a regular basis. Now, with a series of very important duels ahead, he has the opportunity to establish himself in a defense that for years has been the private property of the couple BouquetsVarane. An intensive central training course with a native Madrid teacher and years of experience in the defense sector: Nacho.

It is his moment, there is no doubt, and it can mean a before and after in the career of the defender who continues to be the most expensive in the club's history.


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