Íñigo Onieva warns “the climber” Hugo Arévalo: “Don’t fail Tamara”

After discovering that his ex-fiancee is taking a chance with what he thought was his friend, Hugo Arevalo, Inigo Onieva Has exploded. The man from Madrid has told him, via WhatsApp, that he felt betrayed and that he was a “climber and dirty rat”among other things.

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However, being a group in which there are several friends, Onieva decided to apologize for her ways: “Hello everyone, this is a friend’s chat and as such I understood that our conversations were private. It is obvious that I was wrong in the forms. I have used expressions that are more a way of speaking and venting my pain. And I retract this tone. I’m sorry for that and I apologize.”

“I don’t back down obviously when it comes to betrayal or anything like that with the kind of guy you are,” he added, addressing Hugo directly. In addition, he warned her: “I just hope you don’t hurt her, take care of her and don’t fail her. I hope you go beyond your own interests and your ambitious social climb,” he said in a message read by Saúl Ortiz in Fiesta.

The friendship between the businessman and the car designer was so strong that Onieva himself confirmed what was being discussed since it came to light that Tamara Falco I was having romantic dates with Arévalo: “I was going to be the godfather. I told him that he was going to be the godfather (of his future children).”

It should be remembered that the Marquise de Griñón and Iñigo got engaged in September and, just one day after the announcement of the engagement, the famous video of Onieva with another woman was leaked. He tried to get her back but she made it very clear that she no longer wanted anything from her. However, it seems that infidelity pursues the daughter of Isabella Preysler because this same Saturday it has transpired that Hugo it would have already been disloyal.