After the scandal of the video kissing a woman who is not his fiancée, Inigo Onieva has decided to limit comments on his Instagram posts. The businessman shields himself in networks against the wave of messages from Internet users who do not stop claiming his “disloyalty” towards Tamara Falco.

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But he’s not the only one. Marina, the girl with whom Onieva snogs in the controversial images, has also done so. Perhaps because she doesn’t want to know anything about this story or perhaps because Íñigo himself has asked her to. It should be remembered that since Is summer They assured this Saturday, September 24, that both had been following each other for some time.

Tamara, for her part, does accept that her followers (more than a million) write to her what they consider. In the last photo that she has published, which is no longer the one from her engagement announcement because she deleted it, you can read advice such as “don’t be fooled” or “if you get married, separate your property.” And it is that, despite everything, the wedding seems to go ahead waiting for one of the protagonists of the story to confirm otherwise.

The daughter of Isabel Preysler He has the evidence in front of his eyes that disproves Íñigo’s version. The girl from the morreo video, what we discovered this saturday, has in his highlights a photo with Onieva at the music festival two weeks ago, not from 2019 as the car designer claims. In addition, in one of his publications you can read that it is his first time at the festival.

To make matters worse, in the video of the kiss the song is heard Leaves Bath (Maz Remix), a song by Luedji Luna & Maz that didn’t exist until last spring. This makes it impossible for the images to be three years old. And, as if that were not enough, several television programs assure that there are more compromising images of, until now, Isabel Preysler’s son-in-law.