Andrés Iniesta spoke this Friday in the program ‘El Matí’ of Catalunya Ràdio from his position as ambassador of the Vall d’Hebrón hospital in the fight against childhood cancer. Iniesta’s reflections, in addition to his support for the good cause, were directed towards Barça and towards the arrival of Xavi, his partner in battles in so many glory days with the Barça club. He also made proper names like Messi.

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2023 as the date of return home: “You never know what the future may hold. Not long ago we saw with the pandemic that any situation can change your life. I am happy on a personal, family and sporting level. A year ago I had surgery, now I enjoy the field. next year I will compete again and we will see year after year. Time, in my case, runs against me. In 2023, God willing and I am motivated, I could continue playing for another year. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I would love to return to Barça at some point in my life. I don’t know in what capacity or for what I will prepare myself. But to come home and help in a way other than playing football I would also like to do so. But the future does not know. nobody”.

Messi said he saw himself as a sports director, Iniesta ?: “I do not visualize much, but I know that I would like to get the coach’s license. But I like to think about the present and for now it is to continue playing football.”

Leo’s goodbye: “It is rare to see Messi with another shirt. I would have liked him to have continued. After so many years, wearing another shirt collides. But it can happen, as it has happened. Each one takes his own way.”

What did you think when you saw that the relationship was broken?: I don’t know whether to call it sadness because of what it meant. He changed teams, but there are situations that can change and each one sees them in a way. That is the law of life and goes beyond the fact that I would have liked him to have continued at Barça. It is difficult to give an opinion from the outside. I understand that the club did everything it could. I don’t think the club didn’t want Leo to be there. From then on, they only know what could have happened. “

Does it taste bad to see Barça like this?: “Yes, of course. From another perspective more distant, because obviously it is not pleasant because you see colleagues with whom you have been who suffer, new people who do not find the results, the fans … When you see that someone you love suffers , It hurts”.

Did you speak with Xavi ?: “With Xavi I have always had a very good relationship and I continue to have it. We have been talking a lot and, in the last time, also. Since the rumor was heard, we have also been talking. I am happy because I understand that for him, what he has prepared as a coach and feels Barça like nobody else, it’s like a dream. I know he will be enjoying himself and that he will do everything to make it go well. Hopefully that will be the case. In any situation that had gone, at Barça the only thing to do is win. he will experience as a coach and he knows it “

Has he offered to come ?: “No. I have jokingly told him that I can go to do some rounds … (laughs) but little else.”

Does it promise you a long time ?: “Everything is supported by the results. He has to try to convince, implant his way of playing and that the players believe in it. From the outside I can only wish him well.”

What will the relationship with the sacred cows be like ?: “I do not see negative things. Quite the opposite. When you are next to someone with whom you feel affinity and commitment, in the end you give your best version.”

Can Barça fight for the League ?: “Yes. Always. Barça has the obligation to fight for it, it has young people who come strong and experienced people. It’s a matter of finding the results. It can turn the situation around.

But isn’t it better to rebuild before ?: “Everything is going in the same line. To reinforce the idea, you need results. And the reconstruction will bring closer to the titles. It is difficult to have that time of margin. Xavi will think that the next game is the one that will give him credit for the next one. And, from there, then work. “

They say that Xavi has a conciliatory character. Will you need a strong hand ?: “Xavi has the ideal personality to be where he is. He has the conciliatory part but also the necessary personality. He has been captain of Barça, of the National Team, he knows that everything works and I don’t think he has a problem.”

Why young people bet ?: “I bet on everyone and patience and that we do not give them the responsibility that does not touch them. It is key for their present and for their future. Without assuming that part of responsibility that is given to them too much. They have the talent to be there. , but they should not charge for that responsibility. “

Is it recognized in Pedri ?: “He is one of the players with a talent and a brutal quality for his age and is called to be a benchmark in Barça and in the National Team. What he has to do is enjoy playing as he is seen to do. And he does it in a natural way. I also lived the comparisons and they are good. Perdi has to play in the natural way that he does and that way he will be a reference “.