Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, confirmed the decisions taken by the Council of his body held today among the members that comprise it. “I want to announce a virtual global consultation on soccer that will take place on December 20 in which the option of changing the calendar will be transferred to the 211 federations. It has also been confirmed that the Club World Cup will be held in the first months of January and that the headquarters will be the United Arab Emirates ”.

The vote that can change football forever, as it would make the World Cup every two years instead of every four, It has generated a great controversy, especially due to the energetic rejection of UEFA: “We have received comments of all kinds, it depends on the parts of the world. My mission as president is to listen to everyone. We are talking about a global game. I want to thank Arsene Wenger and Jilli Ellis for leading these processes in men’s and women’s football ”.

The tension between UEFA and FIFA is something that the president of the world body did not overlook. “Of course it is possible to reach an agreement. It is very important to listen to all the questions about the calendar, the impact of football. The calendar change is not just an opportunity, it is an obligation. This is not for us. This is for our children. This is so that they maintain their passion for the sport. We must rethink how world football is structured. We must have more meaningful competitions for the fans without adding dates to the international calendar. “