Infanta Sofía misses the October 12 parade: the first time she has not attended since her debut at age 7

The official calendar of UWC Atlantic College in Wales rules. Infanta Sofía, who is studying her first International Baccalaureate at St Donat’s Castle, must stick to what is marked on the planning from his school. October 12, the Day of the Hispanic Heritage Parade in Spain, is a school day in the United Kingdom, so the infanta will not attend the military parade. She has class. The same circumstance happened to Leonor in the previous two years. Photo below, in Wales (image credit: Casa Real).

October 12 is a fundamental date in the institutional agenda. One of the most important of the year. The infanta attended the military parade for the first time in 2014. It was also the first parade that her father presided over as head of state. Sofia was 7 years old. Her sister, 8. Since then, the youngest of the house has been present in all editions until this year. Precisely the next Hispanic Heritage Day will be special for Leonor. We will see if, in the end, she parades and we will see if she is dressed in civilian clothes or, like her father, she wears the uniform. By then, Lady Cadet Borbón will have sworn in the flag in a solemn ceremony that will take place on Saturday, October 7 at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. An intense month is coming up for the heiress.

On Leonor’s 18th birthday

The course began for Sofía and her classmates on September 5. From that date on, the first break set in the official calendar of the educational center arrives on October 27, under the label of October Break. This break ends on November 5, so Sofia will attend her sister’s 18th birthday on October 31.

As Casa Real confirmed to us, after swearing in the Constitution in a plenary session of Congress and Senate in the Cortes, Leonor will celebrate a family meal with her parents and her sister, the Borbón family and the Ortiz family. Her four grandparents, the emeritus kings and the parents of Queen Letizia will attend. It will be a private format event.