Infanta Elena, on a solidarity trip to Brazil, while Victoria Federica posed at the Suavefest and at Milan Fashion Week

The public projection of Infanta Elena is the opposite of that of her daughter, Victoria Federica. The infanta has been in Brazil with the Mapfre Foundation on a solidarity trip for her international agenda as project director of this institution, according to Servimedia. She traveled to Brazilian lands on September 18. Meanwhile, her daughter Vic, on those dates, has posed at the Suavefest and at the Madrid and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Felipe VI’s sister visited the school promoted by the Real Madrid Foundation in Sao Paulo. She was accompanied by the director of the white club, Santiago Solari. At the teaching center of the Parish of Santa Lucía she was received by the members of the Salesian congregation, which also collaborates in the project. Elena had the opportunity to see a capoeira and dance exhibition.

The Mapfre foundation carries out its activity in three socio-sports schools in Brazil, which support 600 students, including direct beneficiaries and their respective families. On a global level, the institution, which is present in 27 countries, is nourished by a large network of volunteers who collaborate in the initiative that carries the motto The emotional reward.

Vic’s unstoppable agenda

In parallel, we have seen Vic who has not stopped these days. On September 16, María Pombo launched the Suavefest music festival at IFEMA. The influencer brought together Omar Montes, Cali & el Dandee and Henry Méndez. Among the guests, Victoria Federica. She spent several days at the MBFW in Madrid, where she attended, among others, the JcPajares and Ynés Suelves fashion shows.

We also saw her on the 21st at Milan Fashion Week posing for some Italian houses such as Diesel.