Infanta Cristina returns to Barcelona about to give the green light to her divorce

This June will be marked on the calendar of the infanta christina. The enormous changes she faces affect her life and the lives of her children and family. The 18th birthday of her daughter Irene on June 5 unlocks this untenable situation of impasse who keeps with Iñaki Urdangarin and that finally gives the green light to the processing of the expected divorce. Also, her return to being single (which she will premiere almost when she turns 58 on June 13). But these procedures seem to be complicated. In this difficult context, the daughter of the emeritus Kings has returned to Barcelona. She publishes it magazine Hola.

In the final stretch towards her divorce, Cristina would encounter a stumbling block. The complication would be “for economic reasons”, according to Paloma García Pelayo in Ana Rosa’s program. And he adds: “The signature would be missing (…) They can resort to the divorce law reformed in 2015, which is voluntary jurisdiction, this requires that they sign with a lawyer and before a notary. It is very likely that it will be in Geneva as the last conjugal home of the marriage”.

Cristina does not want to finance the life of her ex-husband

Paloma assures that “the economic problem is because Iñaki would have to receive an allowance from the Infanta Cristina and that is where the agreement is being a little slower.” And she settles: “The infanta does not agree to finance the life of her ex-husband.”