New meeting between the daughter of emeritus and her ex. The infanta christina e Iñaki Urdangarin traveled to Barcelona last Wednesday to attend a handball match at the Palau Sant Jordi. They did it in the company of his son Paulactive player at FC Barcelona, ​​who sat between the two in the stands.

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The former couple maintained their composure but avoided contact: no greetings, no looks. In the images, issued in And now Sonsoles, Infanta Cristina is seen very smiling, chatting with the rest of those attending the tribute to one of the great stars of this sport, Víctor Tomás. Urdangarin, however, showed a more serious rictus. It must be remembered that he is still convalescing from an elbow injury for which he had to undergo emergency surgery.

Doña Cristina, who still wears her wedding ring, finished a solidarity tour of India a few days ago with the La Caixa Foundation. There she revealed her more relaxed face with flower necklaces, the traditional bindi and even riding in a rickshaw with the enterprising women of the Basant Mahila Farmers’ Organization in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh.

The infanta and the father of her four children announced their separation last January and despite the fact that the first year is about to end and that he has rebuilt his life with Ainhoa ​​ArmentiaThey are still husband and wife. The couple has stalled the divorce until June 2023, the date on which her daughter Irene, who lives with her mother in Switzerland, will turn 18.