The coronavirus crisis does not appear to have affected the Mannschaft's economy too much. As the CEO Oliver Bierhoff confirmed yesterday at a press conference, the German federation would have agreed with the squad a bonus of 400,000 euros per player in the event that Germany is proclaimed European champion, a figure that has sowed indignation in German society as it considers this amount to be exorbitant, which is a record for the Mannschaft.

Bierhoff himself, visibly annoyed when asked about the almost half a million euros for each player, which would be equivalent to just over ten million euros for the entire staff, he did not want to enter into controversy. “Yes, it is a high amount”, were his words before the media. “But I would love to be able to pay it back to our players when the Euro is over,” added the former striker who scored the Eurocup's golden goal for the Germans in 1996.

The reason for the anger in much of German society is the relationship with previous cousins. If they won the 2018 World Cup (they fell in the group stage), each member of the Mannschaft would have received a total of 350,000 euros. To be proclaimed European champion in 2016 (she fell in the semis) would have been awarded 300,000 euros per footballer. Five years later and in the midst of the crisis, the federation has decided to increase the premium by 33 percent.


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