Williams turns the page to the controversial video of Alex
Remiro after winning the Cup final in which he seemed to be making fun of the rojiblanco striker. The Cascante goalkeeper trained in Lezama affirmed yesterday in SER Deportivos Gipuzkoa who has asked for forgiveness through a partner. “I apologized to you, I felt very embarrassed. I explained it to them when we later played at Anoeta. Some told me that it was very bad, others that it did not matter and others that it was calm. I accept that the failure is to say it at that time, but at no time was it to laugh at Williams“Said the Real Sociedad goalkeeper today.

The Athletic forward has shown himself to be a true gentleman in the answer offered today from Lezama: “Everyone can be wrong, excess euphoria can lead to doing things that you don't think about. Regardless of what happened, it is a mistake, he has come out to apologize and I don't give it any more laps, I'll stay with that ”, said the rojiblanco striker.


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