Vicente Moreno, Espanyol coach, He bit his tongue when questioned about the controversial penalty that decided this Saturday’s derby at the Camp Nou. He assured that the approach he had determined to treat Barça was put into practice, lamenting the lack of success of his pupils.

Before an important team We did little good because we had options to score. It is not to settle, it is true, but I think that in the end, we have made them suffer, “said the coach, resigned.

Upon Cabrera’s penalty over Memphis, action very protested by the blue and white, Moreno did not want to add more firewood to the fire: “I don’t have much to say. I am not the one to judge the referee’s performance ”.

And when taking stock of the duel, he acknowledged that this action “has been decisive. We have matured the game. In the first part, we lacked tranquility to do damage. But little by little, we have found our game. I have the feeling that we could have taken something else, That’s why I have to congratulate my players because they have carried out what we had practiced to the letter. It is not normal with the sticks ”, he lamented.

Vicente Moreno, despite the poor image shown by her team especially in the first half, she claimed that “we did a lot of things well but we can improve. We have not had that right to have been able to win but I congratulate my players Well, they just lacked a little more success ”.

Upon the failure of Dimata, a header that went out, Moreno He regretted that “it is an action of lack of success, of 10 shots, nine would enter but there has been bad fortune; the game has taken place as we had planned, if that action (penalty) had not been taken and we would have been successful ”.

He made a positive reading despite the KO. “In front we had a ‘Miura’ of a high level and also, with the hope of Xavi’s debut and a great atmosphere. There have been positive things without a doubt, but you need to have more success to beat a team like Barça “