The name of Stefan
is one of those in the folder that the
Atlético de Madrid
handles regarding the footballers who could move this next summer.

In the case of the Montenegrin central defender, it has been done with a good presence in the team, he has won the position Gimenez, and in the last games before the break he was chosen by Simeone to accompany Philip. Injuries have not been as constant a problem as in previous years, but they have had a mishap this season that left him without playing several games.

All in all, we are talking about a central that has a lot of name in Italy, England and France where teams like Juventus, for example, they have repeatedly targeted him. Contract ends in 2022, which in summer would enter his last contract campaign with 30 years already completed.

At Athletic They would not completely close the exit door, should an offer come along that would convince all parties. The player is comfortable in Madrid But he understands that it would be his last big contract and the doors will not be closed either to listen. That does not mean that it is going to come out, only that it is an option that is on the table.

If in the last days you signed up from England an interest from the Tottenham
, now it's from France from where he points to another club that is attentive to what the future of the Balkan can give of itself. Its about Monaco. Remember that between the Atlético de Madrid and the Monegasque table there is a great relationship that in these years took shape in the transfers of Falcao, Carrasco, Lemar …


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