With the transfer market open until the end of the month, the board of directors of the FC Barcelona chaired by Joan Laporta and the executive leadership headed by the CEO, Ferran Reverter, faces very important weeks at the beginning of the year to give a definitive push to open portfolios to increase turnover. “We do not need more debt, but income, to be able to invest”, assured the own Laporta on January 3 at the presentation of Ferran Torres to justify the ‘no’ to adhere to the agreement LaLiga-CVC “under the conditions that were raised”. The Barça explore new ways to achieve an alliance that allows you to obtain fresh money.

And in that priority objective of entering to sign cracks and mop up the gross debt of 1,350 million euros, several issues of similar importance emerge. For example, sponsors. The contract with Rakuten for the chest of the jacket of the first soccer team it expires on June 30. The Japanese company paid 55 million fixed before going down to 30 due to the pandemic in the one-year extension, already running out. Two technology companies are well placed. The sleeve of the shirt is also about to explode, which backhoe He left this course vacant, going from paying 19 to 10 ‘kilos’ by keeping his logo on training clothes.

Nike It is still pending what name it should stamp on the kits for the 2022-23 season, which it is already manufacturing. Those sold in the club’s official stores and online on the club’s website Barça they will have the logo of the new sponsor but not those of the rest of the businesses as it is already temporarily impossible.

Another chapter is Barca Studios. For this campaign, 50 million euros were included in the total budget of 765 before it was approved (94.29% votes in favour) in the Assembly of last October 23 the authorization for the sale of a minority part (between 20 and 49%) to one or more investors of Barca Studios. “We are not a production company and we want to reach that agreement with a great expert company that will help us multiply the benefits,” he said. Laporta, which communicated negotiations with 17 companies to the compromisers. The talks continue in the hope of the best possible long-term agreement for the Barça, although without imminently planned white smoke.

Barca Studios was one of the four branches incorporated into the Barça Corporate that the directive Josep Maria Bartomeu planned to sell jointly with the Barça Innovation Hub, the academies and the Barça Licensing & Merchandising. the board of Laporta decided to sell only part of Barca Studios without ever losing majority control.

The Barça space It will be another great protagonist of the day to day in the offices. With the participation of 42,693, 87.8% ratified in the telematic referendum on December 19 the OK of the Assembly (yes, 93.97% of the 448 delegates) to obtain financing for an amount not exceeding 1,500 million euros. euros. Of all of them, 900 will go to the new Camp Nou and 420 to the new Palau Blaugrana including the small Palau, the Ice rink and a bus parking. The club is discreetly working out the terms of the deal with Goldman Sachs, credit mediator for 35 years with a deficiency in the first five without paying anything during the works. There is no scheduled trip yet to go to state United and finish the deal. At the moment, the only loan signed with Goldman Sachs dates from August 2021 for a value of 595 million to be returned to various international investors in ten years with the guarantee of television rights.

The schedule of works Barça space establishes that the cranes already enter the Camp Nou at the end of this season and the possible transfer to Montjuïc in 2023-24, although the director responsible for Espai Barça, Jordi Llauradó, did not rule out MD in December to continue at the Camp Nou. The club remains calm with the forecast that everything will speed up in the second quarter with the financing agreement, the tender with the construction companies and the final licenses for the town hall.

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