On May 14, 2016 the Argentine Gonzalo
Higuain he put his name in the history of Italian football by signing the record for goals in one season of the Serie
TO, 36. A little over four years later, Cyrus
Immobile, forward of the Lazio, who accumulates 35, can equal or exceed this mark if he sees a door in the visit to the Naples on the last day of the 2019-2020 course.

It is a double date with history for Immobile, which can sentence the first Boot
Gold of his career and, if he scores a double, snatch him from “PipitHiguain the most prolific striker scepter in an Italian league season.

Immobile can match or beat Higuain's record
Immobile can match or beat Higuain's record

The player of the Lazio, who had a lackluster step through the Seville in 2015, finished with four goals in fifteen games, he lives a dream season and seeks to finish it at the stadium Saint
Paolo of Naples, which curiously was also theater in 2016 of the record of Higuain.

He Pipitthen player of the Naples and current number 21 of the Juventus champion of Italy, sealed that record with a memorable treble at Frosinone, culminated with a spectacular Chilean.

90 million euros after the record

He came to that game with 33 goals and, after going to the break without being able to score, scored three goals in twenty minutes to unleash the euphoria of the fans of Saint
Paolo. The level of their benefits convinced a few months later the Juventus to sign him for 90 million euros, at that time the record for spending in the history of “Calcium

This Saturday at 20:45 Italian (18:45 GMT) will be a special match for Immobile, That was born in Tower
Annunziata, a few kilometers from Naples, and who will seek to push his Lazio towards the second position.

It is currently fourth, but only one point separates it from the Atalanta and the Inter
Milan, second, that they are mentioned this Saturday in Bergamo. A triumph over him Naples and a tie between his rivals would give him second place.

But the party of Saint
Paolo it is also the last small step towards Boot
Gold, almost a formality for the Italian international.

This is how the Golden Boot classification would go without penalties

His goal endorsed by Brescia last Wednesday allowed him to beat the Pole Robert
Lewandowski, that the Bundesliga with 34 targets, and escape four goals away from the Portuguese Christian
Ronaldo, who accumulates 31.

CR7, that four days after the end of the Serie
TO had managed to beat 31 to 30 to Immobile In the table of the top gunners, he has been left behind in the last three games, in which he did not see a door.

First Italian Golden Boot since Totti

ImmobileOn the other hand, he scored three goals for Verona and one to Brescia and at Cagliari and you're one step away from returning a Boot
Gold to Italy thirteen years later, when the romanist won it Francesco
Totti with 26 goals.

An outstanding season that the striker of the Lazio will close in the Saint
Paolo, with the possibility of definitively putting his name in the history of Italian football.


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