The coach of the Royal Society, Imanol Alguacil, has appeared prior to the visit of the I raised to the Reale Arena of this next Sunday.

Shield / Flag R. Society

Evolution of the injured. “I am not venturing because I am not a doctor, and even the doctors do not know exactly what the evolution will be. Ayesa is evolving well, and Aritz too, although not as fast as we would like, we were going to be conservative with him, and we are doing so. We will be. cautious and we will go little by little. Moya is also taking good steps to recover “.

Regularity. “It not only happens to us, it is a matter of dynamics and streaks. We have never lacked the game, and we have always been the same even if the results did not arrive. That strengthens us and we are well, we fit little and we are with game. And let's see if we can give continuity to all this. There are thirteen left and let's see what happens, we are fine, but last year with eleven remaining we had a downturn, and I hope that is not the case. From feelings that I have, I do not think it will be So”.

Print rhythm to harm Levante. “Yes, but they will try to do the opposite, and they have their weapons to do it. It is clear that if many players repeat they may be tired, but if they come out hurt the next game you draw strength from where there is none and that is what I think will help them. he is going to move on to Levante, and in the league they are doing very well, they are a team with clear things and almost always score a goal. Although the cup was a blow, in the league they are doing very well “.

He does not think about the final of the Cup. “No, it goes. I really think not. It's that we are so aware of how important these games are that we are not going to get confused, but they are good at preparing for that final. As much as the media and the club itself They are thinking about the final, that is not going to affect us. The most important thing is the next game. “

Athletic in another final. “Nothing. I didn't feel anything. I don't know what you would feel. Really. I think Athletic should be congratulated, because it has deserved it, and it is the just winner by reaching two finals in one year, which is very difficult, but just as if it had been the Levante “.

Good sensations. “I am happy with everyone. Because for one to be well, they must all be well. We have few goals conceded and that means that the defense is well, but the work belongs to everyone. The same as when goals are scored. This belongs to everyone. We are going to prepare ourselves as best as possible for everything that comes to us. We are in good dynamics, he is playing and he is being effective in both areas. “

About the rival. “Levante has very good ball handling, with players who are doing well on the inside, who know how to press high, come out quickly with dangerous transitions, have good forwards, always score goals.”

They think about their hobby. “For people like our fans we are where we are. It is clear that there will not be an audience. A shame. Our fans are suffering, as many people do in this pandemic. But it is what there is, hopefully from a distance we can give a joy in the end “.


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