One of the six casualties of the Sanse for his assault on Second
Division, Alex
Petxarroman, has publicly admitted that it is “very close” to landing at the Athletic. The 24-year-old from Donostia states in an interview with ‘Berria’ that the “contact” with the Biscayan club “comes from a long time”. La Real declined to renew his contract, which ends this June.

Petxarroman He confesses that a double “feeling” surrounds him. “On the one hand, happiness, and on the other, grief,” the Real youth squad is sincere. He remembers leaving behind an 11-year career in Zubieta and at the same time, “being from the Real” as he qualifies, he is happy to leave the high pavilion with the promotion to Second: “It has been an unforgettable year”.

Athletic will take over the services of Petxarroman and the footballer clarifies some fringes of his signing. “What we have talked about,” he points out, is doing the preseason in the first team, under Marcelino. “Salgo de la Real” with the idea of ​​“playing in the professional category”, indicates Petxarroman, pointing out that “the intention is to take this leap” because “if not” the movement “would not make much sense.”