The race towards the presidency of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) could have a new element when everything foresaw that Luis Rubiales would be re-elected in his second term. As reported Cope, Iker Casillas would have been offered to the position from a candidacy sponsored by LaLiga with Javier Tebas in command. The nth tug of war in the federation-employer war that to be fulfilled should have the approval of the withdrawal of professional football from the goalkeeper.

During this 2020, the RFEF must hold elections for its presidency. Although as a rule, in the Olympic year, these elections should be after the celebration of Tokyo 2020, Rubiales wants to advance them as Angel María Villar did in 2012. His intention, which has already been sued to the Higher Sports Council (CSD), is still pending approval (it could be in March) but in the meantime the now leader of the Federation is close to leaving a tough competitor for the position.

An Iker Casillas that according to the aforementioned radio, and already commented on the Be Last December, he would be the one chosen by Javier Tebas to appear against Rubiales in these elections. Someone who, supported by his charisma and also with the support behind AFE and its president David Aganzo, is a worthy rival against the current president who initially was not going to have opposition to his re-election.

World champion, double European champion and three-time champion of the Champions League, among many other successes where the Princess of Asturias of Sports also appears, his record and image would be the great letter of introduction to the elections (Jorge Garbajosa style in the FEB ). But for this, before Casillas should retire from professional football in which at the moment it remains inactive after myocardial infarction in March 2019.

At the moment a possibility, the Madrid goalkeeper is weighing him next to his surroundings and Porto, a club to which he is still linked and with which he would return to the lawn in case of making the decision not to stand for the elections and continue wearing  goalie gloves. If finally what happened to date was normal, that Iker would recover from his discharge, Rubiales would be directly re-elected president of the RFEF until 2024, having no opposition candidate.


The RFEF increases its budget for 2020 by 41%, to 317 million

The RFEF increases its budget for 2020 by 41%, to 317 million