Singleness is what it has. especially if you are Iker Casillas. Two years after their separation from Sarah Carbonerothe former Real Madrid goalkeeper has not had a serious relationship again, but he has not stopped having many dates either.

A few months ago he was associated with Alejandra Onievafuture sister-in-law of Tamara Falco. Something that denied. Later, it was rumored that she had found love in Rome, with a sports journalist named Ana Quiles. But they passed page.

The last we knew about him was that he had spent a romantic weekend in Ibiza with Well, a model from Salamanca. The young woman herself confirmed it. In a television program: “Yes, yes, he has been with me in Ibiza. We have known each other for a long time”.

But Ana has also been left behind. This Wednesday, Week It carries within its pages the images of the romantic date that the former footballer has had with a Swedish model in Madrid. Is about Michael Sorlaa 36-year-old actress who participated in the Miss Poland beauty pageant in 2005. Iker and his companion dined at Tatel, one of the restaurants where he worked until recently Inigo Onievaand then they went together to his house.

Only time will tell us how far this new conquest progresses. Sara Carbonero, for her part, has consolidated her relationship with Nacho Taboada. The musician He already lives in the journalist’s house and the two children they have in common with Casillas.