“If you want something private, not everyone will know”

Santa María de Caná Parish, in Pozuelo de Alarcón. 8:00 p.m. this Monday. The friends and family of Maria Teresa Campos They gather to remember the great communicator, who would have turned 83 this Tuesday. Her daughters, Terelu and Carmen Borrego They brought the mass forward a few hours to occupy the cover of their leading magazine this Wednesday, as we anticipated. However, what was going to be a sentimental and intimate event has become tinged with controversy. The reason? The absences, especially that of Gustavo.

María Teresa Campos considered her driver the son she had never had, a brother to Terelu and Carmen, whose relationship is a coming and going of crossed messages, accusations and even blockages in the guasap. The last scuffles took place when Gustavo talked about Borrego’s passage through Honduras, a detail that did not please the sisters, to the point that this Monday they did not invite him to the tribute to his mother. “Logically they haven’t invited me because one has blocked me and I don’t talk to the other, but first year of education is not going where they invite you,” has said.

Some have excused the sisters by saying that they wanted a private meeting and had only invited the family, something that Gustavo completely denies: “I don’t understand that they have invited Mayte, who they have given a lot of support to, and have not sent a message to Belén Rodríguez, whom María Teresa considered a daughter. Van Rocío and Fidel”. And he added: “If you want to do something without anyone finding out, it can be done. I will give a mass tomorrow.”

He, with tears in his eyes, remembered María Teresa Campos from the set of Ana Rosa: “I dream about her every day, I’m not lying. She enjoyed life every second and she was the happiest woman in the world giving gifts”, has said. “Her birthdays were like the movies, with an orchestra, formal people, the best food… she was so generous. She was an unrepeatable woman,” she recalled.