“If you don’t go to DCorazón, forget about coming back”

DHeart y Mornings are the programs that have fed her in recent months, on TVE, where she also earned money for competing in Bake Off and the failed La Plaza. Terelu Campos, sponsored or supported by himself Pedro Sánchez, who received her in Moncloa with her sister after the death of her mother, took refuge in the public channel when she lost her job after the disappearance of Save me.

But Terelu’s gratitude to those who supported her finances with public money ended as soon as the bombshell news of her daughter Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy with Carlo Constanza broke. María Teresa Campos’ first-born daughter was clear about it: she preferred to go to Friday charging a fortune. They tell us that more than 70,000 euros, as we have already said, even if that meant leaving Jaime Cantizano, in the mornings of TVE now Jordi Gonzalez and Anne Igartiburu, weekend.

And this was communicated to his bosses last Wednesday as soon as the magazine came out. Hello to the kiosk. Of course, the anger of her superiors was monumental, but no matter how much they insisted, she flatly refused. “He couldn’t. The contract signed with Mandarina prevented him from doing so,” they tell us. Mandarina is DeViernes’ producer. And although they summoned her and insisted on her, it is proven that she did not sit on Cantizano’s couch on either Thursday or Friday, which provoked criticism from some of her colleagues such as Pepa Jiménez. “I thought Terelu was going to come here to tell us how happy she is because she is going to be a grandmother. Well no, he doesn’t come to this house to tell anything. Because? Because he has sold it. “And he added:” They have found the ease of easy money. This family is dedicated to selling everything. Let them not complain when they follow them or when we say something they don’t like, but come on, let them do what they want. Let him sell his life, that of his grandson. When the grandson is born, make an exclusive. Then we’re going to be left with the consequences…”

But the directors of TVE could not swallow this public humiliation without doing anything. Not even the support of Pedro Sánchez, promoter of Terelu’s presence in the Corporation, was enough for Conchi Cascajosa, Ana María Bordás or whoever is in charge now at the non-transparent TVE stood still while public opinion witnessed that the public channel pays Terelu to go and say nothing and when it has something to say it goes to the competition to get paid a fortune.

The consequences did not make us wait. The same day, Terelu received a call from higher authorities of the public chain to notify him that he would no longer be going to Cantizano’s program. And in that same call was when they gave him an ultimatum; “If you don’t go to DCorazón on Saturday, forget about coming back or continuing to collaborate.”

The contract with Telecinco had already been negotiated and signed.

Still, things were not easy. Terelu had already negotiated and signed the contract with Telecinco, the network with which he intends to work again and has been negotiating for months. There were calls back and forth, conditions to be able to sit down and talk and he even proposed to sit down and not open his mouth to the questions of his colleagues. But finally coherence prevailed and Terelu got the production company of Friday allowed him to sit on TVE; Of course, after the interview, which by the way, lost against Antena 3’s offer, Your face sounds familiar to me, although it scored a juicy 12.5% ​​share.

One of the conditions imposed is that it was not a one-on-one interview between her and the presenters and that the companions who accompanied her that day were of her accord. And, of course, more cache. That day her presence in the space could not have been just the 600 euros that she usually earns. They said yes to everything.

And on Saturday, Alejandra Rubio’s mother appeared at the public facilities to act as a socialite. She did not refuse anything and answered each and every one of her colleagues’ questions. And she did it all with a big smile, but there was no reproach, no criticism, no questioning, no nothing. Thus, it is normal that Terelu was even excited when she was shown the images of her future grandson or granddaughter made with artificial intelligence. A child who, as we said, does not come with bread under his arm, but with a bakery.