After a while, of course criticism tires, especially when you play for a team from your country and that you give everything for your selection too. In the end all this tires (…) If this can influence my decision to stay at PSG in the summer? Of course … “. This is how Mbappé expressed his frustration after the criticism received in France. In the last break he was not lucky with Les Bleus, Griezmann pulled the car while that of Bondy was left to zero against Ukraine, Bosnia and Kazakhstan, even missing a penalty against the latter. This put the French Press on top, prompting their reaction.

That complaint has not gone unnoticed and Jean-Michel Larqué, former PSG player and commentator on RMC Sport, has come to pass his comments: “I don't care about Mbappé's mood at the end of the game, what interests me is the game itself. I don't care if it bothers you to be criticized. It doesn't bother him when he's routinely called 'the freak'. How is it that a player who plays abroad is less criticized than one who plays for a French club? (Mbappé also slipped this complaint into his statements) “.

The criticism comes after two very mediocre games and I do not take into account the game against Kazakhstan, where a penalty fails. And can't journalists say that Mbappé is not doing well at the moment in the French team? That's the truth. Let him do what he wants, but if Mr. Mbappé is not happy when we say that he does not do well for two games, let him change jobs“, ended a Larqué that criticized Mbappé during the week.


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