The one that the streamer has bundled River Llanos with the exclusive interview that he did a few days ago to Rosalía already Raw Alejandro, shortly before the launch, on March 24, of their first joint collaboration, and which has been made public this Monday. From the house of the Basque communicator, our most international singer and the composer, in a relaxed way, have spoken like never before about their relationship and, when Ibai asked “Are you going to get married?”, the couple stayed in shock. Immediately, Rosalía has reacted: “Oh, Ibai. What things you have, really! You are like my grandmother.”

“My grandmother always tells me: ‘Well, so what'”, our Catalan pop star explained gracefully, while the Puerto Rican singer remained silent and visibly cut.

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The conversation has become so sincere that Rosalía completely opened her heart and got the most romantic reaction from her boyfriend: “I had lost faith in masculinity and it was meeting you and recovering it. You were… I felt that you were not afraid to love and loved one. I was slow to let my guard down.” Upon hearing her girl, the Puerto Rican singer pounced on her to kiss her in the face of Ibai’s disbelief.

Both international singers are about to release three songs together. The interview was recorded in the kitchen of the famous Basque streamer almost three weeks ago because they were going on tour, each on their own.

However, they took the opportunity to talk about their new project, called RR, which includes three songs in which they recount their relationship, and which the fans of both are sure to love. “There is one that in the discos will be ‘kenneled’ for sure,” Rauw explained to Rosalía’s contagious laughter, who assured that two of the three are dance songs.

The third song is going to be a bolero, because it is a type of music that is related to how they live their most intimate moments: “Within our relationship it marks us a lot, we listen to many boleros at home,” said Rauw, and Rosalía added : “While we cook…”.