“I will not return to anything that has to do with his daughters”

She was the best friend that María Teresa Campos had in life and who accompanied her until the end.. That is why the anger that Meli Camacho felt yesterday is outrageous when she felt totally “ignored” at the mass that was celebrated at the Santa María de Caná Church (Pozuelo de Alarcón) for Teresa’s birthday, who today would have celebrated her 83rd birthday.

My first surprise was to see that among the attendees, María Teresa’s only friend was really me. because there, above all, they were all friends of the daughters and the second thing was how bad I felt. Terelu didn’t even look at my face nor did the granddaughters. The only one who gave me a fleeting kiss was Carmen but I felt uncomfortable and bad.. I went to mass for my friend María Teresa, whom I have loved very much, but I assure you that I will never go to anything else they organize again.. In September, when the first year has passed since his death, I will celebrate a mass with Gustavo [el chofer] and Sonsoles [la secretaria] that they were Teresa’s intimate friends“says Meli, who after leaving the temple cried bitterly for what she had experienced inside.

“On the way out the reporters asked me, but I was able to return without speaking although I heard that Everyone was asking about the mole who had leaked the mass. Well, let them know that that mole is me. What is in her head that she could not tell her friends that a mass was going to be celebrated for Teresa? The normal thing is to say it so that they go and pray for her and that secrecy they have is absurd, I just don’t understand anything“, she adds, hurt by everything she had to hear.

“A mass cannot be a secret and, furthermore, no one imposes on me what I have to say. Today I wonder what I have done to be treated like this and not greeted even out of politeness.. It certainly won’t happen to me again becauseor I want to know anything about them [Terelu y Carmen] and even less for what they have done with Gustavo, whom María Teresa adored.“says Meli.

Broken with pain for a mass that should have been a moment of peace, she now only wants to remember with great affection the one who was her close friend and with whom she has had so many confidences and experiences. “I will never forget her, Teresa was immense and I have a thousand memories with her”, says. Who knows if he will want to share those moments now.