“I was wrong, Gabriela deserves my respect and I take full responsibility”

“I was wrong, Gabriela deserves my respect and I take full responsibility”. They are the words of Bertin Osborne (69) that will mark a before and after not only in his relationship with his ex, Gabriela Guillén (31), but also in the public image that has been built in recent months. The presenter has waited five months to finally acknowledge the paternity of the baby whom the model welcomed last January. He has done so through a joint statement in Public mirror.

The ranchera singer He has expressed his desire for the minor to grow up “in harmony, away from any controversy.”. “It is a responsibility that I assume,” she expressed, and has asked for “respect” from the media in order to “be able to protect and preserve the image and identity of the minor.”

These words come after the latest statements by the Paraguayan, who, tired of the media impact that her motherhood has caused, has always trusted her lawyers. These months she has received insults in the middle of the street, being labeled a liar and a profiteer, and she has been subjected to a flood of information that she has had to deny on several occasions. Both on television sets and in magazines, she has always stressed that the singer is the father of her baby, born on December 31. “I know who the father of my son is. It still seems amazing to me”, he explained to the press at the end of May, also mentioning the musician’s financial responsibility. And there have been many times in which he has regretted the lack of help on his part: “Well, my child is five months old. It’s about time, isn’t it?”

Faced with the secrecy that the presenter has shown in this period, the physiotherapist has highlighted that she alone has brought the little one forward, without help. She had to take time off due to anxiety at work, but she is now operational. “Money, at the end of the day, is money. Look, I don’t give it that value that everyone gives to money, you know? I consider that there are other things more important in life than money” , he claimed. And he stated: “I am not asking him for anything, he will know what he has to do at the moment he has to do it. I am not going to force anyone and I have not forced anyone. (…) “I’m playing my role and that’s what matters, is that everyone knows what they have to do.”.

Bertin’s change of attitude

At that time, Fabiola Martínez’s ex was still waiting for the paternity lawsuit to undergo DNA tests. He himself told the media that everything was in order and that, when push came to shove, when Gabriela needed him, he would be there: “Everything is as it should be and everything will turn out as it should. And here no one has anything against anyone.” In these same statements he also said that he would transfer money to Paraguay. “I will be there if I have to be.” And, regarding the resolution of the evidence, he explained that both he and Gaby They “agreed” with the steps that were being taken: “I am responsible, when it is known.”

The tone he used to talk about his ex was very different from the one he used last January, when he downplayed the situation to the point of admitting not wanting to be a father. “I had a relationship with her for a short time and, one day, she told me that she was expecting a child. I told her: ‘Look, since you have two options, you should know that I will be helping with either of the two. But yes, me, it’s not my turn to be a father again. I have decided that I don’t want to be a father.’ She said that ‘it didn’t matter’, that she was going to have it anyway. It’s her responsibility. “She has made a decision that is absolutely reasonable and that I applaud, and for which there is no problem on my part.”he claimed.