Kylian Mbappé, France forward, appeared at a press conference to talk about signings, his next rivals and also his controversy with Giroud, who claimed more balls in the national team's matches.

Giroud: “We talked about it, we discussed it. It made people talk. Everyone knows what happened, it affected me a bit, but we are not going to give it importance. The most important thing is still the France team. The trifles are not going to bother our preparation. . We are focused on our goal. “

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Giroud's statements: “What you said doesn't bother me. Express a feeling. I'm a forward and I've had that feeling 365 times in a game, when you feel like they don't pass it on to you. It's about saying it in public. I saw him in the dressing room and I congratulated him on his goals. He didn't tell me anything. I found out from the press. It is that more than what he said himself. He didn't say anything unpleasant. He is a forward, he wants to score goals “

More passes to Benzema or Neymar: “What if I give it more to Benzema or Neymar than to others? What do you mean? He has a bit of bad intention and that he says things without saying them. It implies that I do not want to pass it on to Giroud. I only say that are different profiles “

Transfers at PSG: “I have never asked Leonardo or my president for a single player”


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