Kylian Mbappé withdrew from the French Cup final in tears and ended up seeing her on the bench and on crutches. The PSG striker received a harsh tackle from Perrin in the 33rd minute of the game, causing an injury to the ankle of the French international and causing panic in Paris. Just 19 days after the Champions League match against Atalanta, the possible loss of the former Monaco would mean a jug of cold water for Parisians.

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The former Monaco was hunted by French television cameras talking to Emmanuel Macron. The President of the French Republic was interested in the situation of the striker, who He stated with doubts that he believes that his ankle is not broken. “It ain't broke I think”, they were able to decipher the cameras.

First thing this Saturday, Mbappé will undergo medical tests to determine whether or not he has a broken ankle. At the moment, no hypothesis is ruled out regarding the possible injury of one of the stars of the PSG.