“I saw him in a compromising situation and they threw me out in a bad way”

Is called Lesly Orellana and she is the Mexican dancer who has denounced Nacho Cano for a crime against workers’ rights and for promoting illegal immigration. They have called her a troublemaker and a liar, but she denies it. This Thursday she went a step further and revealed the real reason for her dismissal: “I saw Nacho Cano in a nightclub in a compromising situation and his assistant threw me out in a rude manner.”

He told it in TardeAR: “It’s a scene that belongs to Nacho’s private life and I’m not going to talk about it, but it’s an open secret. There were other people in front of me, but I was the new one. The next day they told me that I had to go to Mexico, that they were kicking me out for lack of camaraderie. I asked them to let me call my mother and they said ‘No, take your things and go to the airport’. They left me on the street. I slept two nights on the floor of a nightclub. I filed a complaint out of survival instinct.”Leslie admits that they paid for her return ticket to Mexico but she did not want to return to her country: “I had left my job there for this opportunity and I wanted to stay.”

The dancer wanted to clarify that she has never spoken of sexual harassment by Nacho Cano: “I did not file a complaint for sexual harassment, we met at the embassy and he told me that he liked my makeup and my hair. He did it in front of his assistant and other colleagues who were jealous, but Nacho treated me correctly.”

Regarding the conditions of her scholarship, she explained: “In Mexico I worked as a professional dancer but They tell me that I am coming to Spain as a scholarship holder and that I should not say anything if they asked me at immigration, because they brought us as tourists to stay for a year. They never held a meeting with all of us to give us information or anything, There were no student papers or employment contract either.“. And he added: “They gave us 300 euros a month and we rehearsed from Monday to Saturday, from 7 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. They took us to a parish to teach us the songs from the musical and they told us that they were the scholarship classes.”