The former soccer player, who is enjoying the holidays with his children, milan and sashatraveled to Portaventura this Tuesday to have fun and forget his tensions with Shakira. However, the day was not as idyllic and calm as Pique I would have wished The reason? A bottle of water.

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The businessman rode on one of the children’s attractions with his children and, once in the air, played with them and a bottle of water, a liquid that ended up falling on a baby who was resting peacefully in his cart. His father, very angry, waited for Piqué to come down to ask him for an explanation, but the park security employees who accompanied the Catalan prevented him from doing so. “He got off the ride, saw his father and left without looking at him if he wanted to,” a witness told Save me.

It was not the only ugly gesture of the former footballer: “He was wearing a cap and a panty around his neck that covered his eyes so that no one would recognize him. Some children did and approached him to ask for a photo, but he refused.”they add. “His attitude has been very despot with everyone.”

Piqué is not having his best moment. After retiring as an active soccer player and ratifying the separation agreement with Shakira, he counts the days to say goodbye to his children, who will finally go to live in Miami with his mother. It will be next January 10, something that, according to some media, has caught the businessman by surprise, who thought he had more time to enjoy them and organize the continuous trips he will make to the other side of the pond from 2023.