Luis Blanco made his debut as interim coach of Espanyol after the sudden dismissal of Vicente Moreno. He did not end up happy with the image given against Valencia and got wet in the messages when questioned by one of his players. He spoke of Melendo, who hopes “to see him for many years here” and made it clear that De Tomás “there are times when he is very involved and others when he is more disconnected.”

Debut impression. “The sensations were what I thought, I took it as if I were in the subsidiary. It was difficult for the message to get through, but I felt comfortable. I was not happy with what we transmitted”.

The affiliate players. “I’ve had them, I have them and I know what they can give. They need to project themselves.

Party flaws. “At the level of the game. With the ball we must be more threatening, we had little depth, I like that we are more vertical. I would have liked to have spread that feeling that I wanted a little more. That would have given us more scoring options. We have a week of work , to analyze the rival, surely we will improve in behavior. I hope that at the game level a change will be seen”.

Yellow to RDT. “I don’t remember the action, I think it wasn’t a foul. It was to talk. I don’t know about it. RdT gave us a goal and his predisposition is very good. Those who know him say he is involved. There are times when he is involved and others in which he is more disconnected, but it goes with his personality. They are innate things that are difficult to remove.”

Owned by David Lopez. “I put him in because I thought he could contribute to us. We wanted to start from safety at the back, he was going to give us things and I saw him very involved and I decided to put him in. Calero was playing good games and he had to decide. I’m happy for him, he was also playing a good game. I’m happy for him.”

Beautiful villa. “He is a fabulous boy, he is the captain of the reserve team, he is dynamic and can adapt to all positions. He is very intense, he defends forward and has personality. It was a very difficult match and it is difficult to enter”.

Melendo’s future. “I was lucky enough to be able to train him for two years. He entered the School and he’s talented. I wish him the best, but I don’t know if it’s his last year at Espanyol or not, although I hope he’ll be here for many years.”

Match against Granada. “Next week we will go to win. I am not so used to it, but the players are. In the end it is for the players, because they go well on vacation, we are going to compete until the end… There are many things that are worthwhile. I will try to instill in them that you have to go out as if it were the first game”.