Luis Enrique spoke this Sunday at a press conference minutes after certifying the classification for the Qatar World Cup 2022 and said he was relieved by what he had achieved. “I have taken off a 100-kilo backpack. I have felt more pressure in this qualifying phase than in the Eurocup or the ‘Final Four’ of the Nations League. I have taken a great weight off my shoulders, “said the coach.

Without a doubt that it is a great success of the current Selection, and Luis Enrique He did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate the footballers. “I am very proud of my players. Not just from the 25 who have been here, but from everyone who has been summoned during this time. We have suffered because Sweden is a fearsome rival, but in the end we have had the fair prize that the players deserve ”, he said.

One of the players who shone the most (if not the most) was Gavi, and Luis Enrique He was full of praise for the culé. “When the coach decides to bring in someone who is 17 years old, it is because he knows what he can contribute. I don’t think I have played many games with 50,000 spectators, and you have already seen the game that the ‘kid’ did. He will no longer surprise anyone Gavi soccer player. It is a unique thing, an exception ”, he indicated.

Regarding the environment, The Cartuja presented a full and this circumstance certainly helped the team. “It is very beautiful when you see the communion between Selection and the country. Feeling loved by the fans makes players exude confidence. We perceive that right now the National Team is exciting and it is more beautiful to feel like that, not the other way around, but in the end the results are what make or break your reason ”, ‘Lucho’ valued in this regard.

Finally, asked again about the future and with a contract until the end of 2022, he was calm and at the same time commented that he understands perfectly that at times he has been criticized by the fans. “It is not important to have a contract signed. The commitment that the Federation and I have exists, and we are comfortable. But I’m not worried about that right now. I focus on having a good World Cup. If a coach does not win, he receives criticism. This is how this wonderful circus is made and I accept it. When there is salsa, we dance salsa. And when it’s time to dance pegaditos, we do it. What really motivates me is to see the response of the players and of all the people who are part of the Federation ”, he concluded Luis Enrique.

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