Borussia Mönchengladbach coach Marco Rose appeared at a press conference before welcoming Real Madrid on the second day of the Champions League. The manager of the German box was full of praise for Zinedine Zidane and, also, spoke of the following topics:

Shield / Flag B. MGladbach

Historical duels with Real Madrid: “Tradition is an important factor in a historic team like ours, but it won't help us at all against Real Madrid. They have a great team. We have only talked about that, not about the games of the past“.

Trust: “I don't know if it's something new at this club. The Gladbach boasts many great nights in Europe and we carry it inside. Of course, you have to put it in the current context. We dispute this championship because we believe in ourselves and because we want to seek our opportunity against a great team such as Real Madrid “.

Zidane: “He was a great player and an example for many midfielders today. From my point of view, he was one of the best of all time for his finesse and leadership ability. It is an honor for me to face someone like him. I have a lot of respect for him, also for his way of being in difficult moments. His personality is something that characterizes him. “

Hardness by Sergio Ramos: “It's one of his virtues. He always makes it difficult for opponents, he's someone you like to have on your team. In addition, he knows how to defend and creates danger above. I am also quite satisfied with my defense, we have a number of players who will know how to stand up to it. We are capable of suffering. We can improve a little is that of distributing, but always without losing ourselves in the unsportsmanlike“.

Covid: “It is different without our fans in the stands, but it is still our stadium. We know every corner, although it is true that the impact it could have on fans is different.”

Importance of grief: “We wanted to play big games against big rivals and, tomorrow, it will be one of those“.

Eleven: “I will not give clues. Everyone can be there. What I can say is that everyone is ready. Lazaro will also be called up despite having been training with the team for a short time.”

Draw at San Siro: Our performance and the result are things we take with us. At the same time, I think we had too much respect. We have to stay with the positive, with our way of defending to be able to stand up to another great one like Real Madrid. TWe will have to take advantage of the opportunities that they grant us. For this, it is essential to fight Real Madrid with all our weapons, only then will we be able to surprise “.

Real Madrid: I'm a fan of my team. I didn't see the entire classic, just some scenes. We played at the same time and I couldn't. Keep in mind that Barcelona has been having problems for a long timeIt is no longer the Barcelona that we were all used to. Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to watch Real Madrid for 90 minutes, but I insist: above all I am a fan of my own team.

Also spoke Matthias ginter, Gladbach central:

Defend Benzema: “He's a top striker. It has been at the highest level for many years. Sometimes it doesn't give you much of a sense of danger, but all of a sudden it appears in the area and strikes. I am convinced that, as a team, we can defend him. “

Importance of the shock: “It's fantastic for the whole club. We have worked hard to be here and now we have the odd coconut in the group. It's sad that our fans can't be there, but it's still amazing for everyone. “

Hardness by Sergio Ramos: “If it is within the framework offered by the regulation, there is no problem. It can always happen that you find yourself with a hand on your face during a football game, it is not unusual. I think games are won with sportsmanship and sometimes these things are part of this sport. “

Fragility behind: “The goals that we have been conceding did not happen in the same way. I think we have an obligation to score at the top and be solid behind. Both are essential. Of course, we cannot always score two or three goals to win a game. We have to work on that aspect of our game. “

Party keys: “Not having too much respect. When you are not a favorite it is important to capture the basics on the field of play: enter the duels well and show ourselves from our most compact side behind. If we achieve that, our time will come and we will have opportunities. “


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