“I have a ghost in my house and one day he spanked me on the ass”

Despite the storms in which he is involved, Bertin Osborne has shown once again that he has not lost his sense of humor. Still with the controversy of his already recognized paternity of the child in common with Gabriela Guillén resonating everywhere, to which has been added the criticism for his lack of professionalism in refusing to perform a concert in San Agustín de Guadalix due to sound and lighting problems – a fact that has caused the company in charge of organizing the event, Music Nights, to come to his defense through a statement alleging that “Mr. Osborne had nothing to do” with the setbacks that forced the cancellation of the performance – the singer continues with his life, without ceasing, of course, to surprise.

This Friday, June 28, viewers of your program The Bertin Show They were stunned by the confession that the Sevillian made during the section of Third degree to which he submitted along with the guest of the night, Lara Alvarez. When he was asked “Would you rather have an alien or a ghost sneak into your house?“He answered very frankly: “I have a ghost, many ghosts and aliens have sneaked into my house, but I have a legitimate ghost in my house“.

It is then that he explained before the astonished gaze of Lara and the public: “My house is from 1760. When I bought it thirty-some years ago, there was a very large room that was boarded up. They told me that a crazy man died there and the poor guy was locked up there.. The man tapped there and then I opened everything and put in windows. And in that room from time to time they say they hear people running across the roof. I heard it, but he wasn’t wearing chains or anything.. “It’s a roof where you can’t climb normally…” she said naturally.

It seems that this presence does not scare the ranchera singer, since he confessed: “That was my room before. It didn’t matter exactly the same to me“However, it was then that he told something very creepy that happened to him: “I was in bed and at that moment I noticed that they were slapping my ass. They spanked me… like the one from my old dad, my lifelong grandmother. And I know she’s there, but nothing has ever happened“.

Far from being afraid of what happened, Fabiola Martínez’s ex pointed out: “It makes me laugh. I have five dogs and I always think that he was one, because sometimes they sleep with me. But on the day of the spanking there were none in my room. I was alone“We will see if after this confession that ghost that has not yet scared him away does not scare away the singer’s future company.