Leo Messi extended his own record by winning his seventh Ballon d’Or and, although he affirmed that he had a good year at Barcelona, ​​he attributed above all to the fact of having won the Copa América with Argentino the power to have been able to win the award again.

This was Messi’s press conference after winning the Ballon d’Or:

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Messi, about Lewandowski

“I think Lewandowski had a great season. He is a footballer who excels year after year, who has a knack for scoring goals. He was awarded as the top scorer, and I think he may be eligible for the Ballon d’Or next year.”

The record of the seven Ballons d’Or

“I don’t know if my record will be beaten. There is always someone who does it, that’s what the marks are for. Seven is an impressive thing. I am very happy to be in Paris, to opt for everything again. As I said with Lewandowski, Salah has Many opportunities because every year he shows what he is as a player. He has been performing at a spectacular level for a long time. He was among the best and will be again. “

His season with Barcelona and Argentina

“I think I had a good year at Barça despite not winning the Champions League or the League. We fought until the end for the league and won the Copa del Rey. Winning the Copa América was important for me to win this new Ballon d’Or It is a pride to be the first player to win it with the PSG shirt. It is special because he always did it with the Barça shirt and to do it now in Paris, in the city where I live, is special. “

The Ballon d’Or and the national team

“This Ballon d’Or is special because the previous times I had the feeling that something was missing, that I had not met the objectives with the national team. It was not until this past June. In that sense it was special. It gives me strength for this new one. stage in my life. “

His family

“My children really enjoyed the gala. They were nervous about whether I was going to win it. I enjoy seeing them happy, being with them, my wife, my parents, brothers and nephews.”

On what suffered with Argentina

“I don’t know if it was worth it. I would have liked to win the two previous Copa América finals before Maracana, as well as the World Cup in Brazil. I received a lot of criticism, but I did not lower my arms because I felt that I could not finish my career without win something with the national team. I’m happy to finally be able to share it with our compatriots. “

On whether it is the best year of his career

“I don’t know if it is the best year of my career. I had very good years during all these years.”

The Ballon d’Or in Argentina

“I am delighted that this Ballon d’Or is kept in Argentina. This belongs to the whole group, even if it is an individual award. Without the Copa América it would not have been the same result. We are doing well in the national team, with communion with the people, what does it do? For some time that was not the case, he celebrated the trophy as he deserved after so many years, and there is time to continue growing until Qatar. There are great rivals and we are not up to some, but we will do everything possible to fight for the World Cup. “

On the possible eighth Ballon d’Or

“I don’t think about the eighth. One thing goes after another. The most important thing is the collective awards. I always think about the group goals. I am adapting to my new club and city, I am happy to live this moment. It gives me strength to face this stage. We are excited about the dressing room in which there are the best in the world. Little by little we are going to grow and we are going to fight for everything “