Jordi Alba came out against the criticism received in the last week, after not having a good match in the elimination of the Barça before him Athletic in the Cup. Before going into detail about his claims, the winger analyzed the victory against Alaves. “The feeling is good. We have to generate more chances. We have dominated but we have to have much more patience when it comes to generating and opening spaces. We are quality players. The attitude has been magnificent after a very bad defeat. We must sentence before the games because it’s a pain to get to the end like this. It gives us confidence”, he commented.

Alba, What De Jong, also explained that he was not proud after losing the Clásico of the Spanish Super Cup. “The day against Athletic we were not good, we have to admit it. The day against Madrid was lost but the feeling was good despite the defeat. Losing a Clásico is never easy. This victory will give us confidence to continue trying to win and get closer to the objectives “, he commented.

the defender of L’Hospitalet He was hurt by the criticism received, not only this week, but in recent years. “I feel singled out for many years. It’s not the first time it’s happened to me. I accept all criticism. It’s part of the circus that is generated. When there is a bad game, those who have to be singled out are always singled out. I didn’t have a bad time the criticism, yes because of the elimination. I have accepted it. If I play a good game they don’t talk about me, if I play like the other day they will kill me. I’m within range of everyone. It’s normal, I accept it and I have assumed,” he said Alba resignedly.

Jordi Alba made it clear that “I have the respect of my teammates and my coaching staff. I’m not worried about criticism. No one has given me this, I’ve been here for ten years. Veterans are always pointed out when they lose, when they win it’s different. veterans everywhere. It seems that there are only in Barcelona”, commented the Spanish international, who still feels strong. “I am 32 years old and I feel strong. There are better and worse games. The other day I was not at all good, I admit it. I have assumed that criticism will be harsh when it is directed at me,” he insisted.

Finally, Alba commented that they do not give up winning LaLiga. “We are going to try to win the League this year. The top teams are puncturing. It is clear that it is very difficult, that is clear, we have to be realistic. Try to be as high as possible”.

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