“I don’t rule out being a single mother, but I haven’t given up yet, I think it’s possible to find a man”

After leaving Mediaset, Lara Alvarez has returned to television, although this time as a guest. This past Friday, June 28, she went to the set of The Bertin Showfrom Canal Sur, where he spent a fun night in which he also got emotional and opened up about his current moment. “I am very calm. I left Mediaset and I am in a different stage of my life, enjoying the good times a lot.: from family, from friends, from a new path in teaching that is making me very happy,” he confessed to Bertin Osborne sitting on a sofa in front of an audience that included her parents, who were looking at her with emotion.

“Now I’m not doing anything on TV. I’m at an interesting impasse that has made me reconnect with myself, understand what seed I want to leave behind.”said the Asturian, who nevertheless recognized the weight that her time on “Supervivientes” left on her.: “I have immense gratitude for television because it has opened a spectacular path for me. I have liked communication since I was little, but it has been many months separated from my family. They were four months away each year, eight consecutive years, and there was a moment, Bertín, when I became aware that life passes for everyone and that what remains at the end are the memoriesthe experiences that one truly takes away. And for me there is no more beautiful experience than time shared with my parents.”.

The Asturian did not ignore any topic, not even when Bertín wanted to investigate her love life and how she has dealt with the fact that her relationships always end up being aired in the media, such as the last one that has been attributed to her with Antonio Texeira. In this regard, Lara confessed: “I have had moments of difficult management because I am a person who is jealous of my intimacy and my privacy.”“I have never sold absolutely anything in my life – which does not mean that I am against people who do it – but for example, when it comes to sentimental matters, it is very complicated.”

And he stayed: “The news is ‘What problem do you have with men?’, and I say: ‘But what men?’. If I walk through the door of my house and go to a movie theater and I’m already “in love”. What am I going to tell you? It’s complicated. I’m 37 and I just want to live what people live at my age, which is to be able to go to the cinema, see if there’s a feeling… In the end the exposure conditions you “Since I’m not sure, I’m going to do it the other way around: I’m going to hide, through the back door, so it doesn’t flow naturally and it doesn’t work, it’s complicated,” she complained. “You have to find the person who can handle the pressure, and there aren’t that many…”Bertín advised him, to which Lara said: “Or the opposite, that they like the exhibition too much…”. “There are more of those!” said the presenter, laughing.

In their talk they talked about Lara’s professional beginnings, about complicated topics such as the bullying she suffered as a child, and she confessed how she dreams her return to television would be: “I would like to do what you do here, That is, to create entertainment that leaves people with this feeling when they leave the program, the smile with which people see you at home, interviews, clean, fun, in-depth entertainment that allows you to get to know the person and not just the character. Something that leaves a seed of hope”.

Meanwhile, she says, she is fulfilled in her training: “I work with communication students, to give them tools to face an audience. Now I am also involved in a project about children and entrepreneurship, so that from a young age they have tools to know how to focus their direction towards a future job, so that they connect their passion with what they can really develop. And I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing how my work is useful to others.”

Her enthusiasm for motherhood

It was then that Bertín asked her, given her current contact with children, if she would like to be a mother. “I’d love to. I come from a very united family and it is a double-edged sword, because my parents have been married for more than forty years, deeply in love, I have seen pure love in my house. And they will be crazy about grandchildren. At the moment I tell you that there are two of us at home, because I have a very handsome brother.” And he continued: “I do not rule out being a mother, I would love to, I simply do not give up one of the most important references in my life, which is my father, and it is giving that reference to my son, having a father. I do not rule out being a single mother if it fits , but I haven’t given up yet, I think it’s possible”.