The new player of Deportivo Alaves Saves Seville indicated that he does not value the economic as much as the personal issue and pointed to Luis Garcia Plaza as a reason to sign for the albiazul club when another “recently relegated” team had also shown interest in him.

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The midfielder from Almería was presented this Tuesday in an office of a sponsoring bank of the club in which he explained the reasons for his signing for the Basque team and his intentions.


“I come with all the hope to do my bit and put this club where it should be,” said the new babazorro, convinced that they have to “work hard and be sure” of what they do.

He stressed on several occasions that “there is a long way to go” to be in the First Division, so they must focus on day to day.

Nor did he forget the fans. “I’m sure they’re going through a bad time and we’ll try to comfort them in every game,” said the midfielder, who has suffered from the Alava fans as a visitor and now wants to enjoy it. “The objectives are usually achieved at home, although in the Second Division you need a lot of points and you have to do it away too,” he warned.

Garcia Plaza was key

On the influence of the albiazul coach Luis Garcia Plaza in his signing he explained that it was “very high”. “He is a super-demanding, hard-working and methodical coach. He has a lot of desire and enthusiasm and he knows what we have to do to achieve things ”, described the 38-year-old veteran player, who is not worried about being questioned because of his age.

“I come in the best conditions. I am very calm. I am privileged, I want to extend it as long as he can and I am not going to drag myself through the fields, ”said the Virginian, who recalled that he“ is one more player ”and that everyone is going to be important.

“I can bring experience and work, guide people to the right path because the years give you that kind of thing. If we do things well and take care of the details, we will be closer”, said the footballer, who with five promotions behind him knows the category very well.

“The key is not to believe ourselves more than anyone”

“The Second is long and very demanding. The key is not to believe ourselves more than anyone else, to be very humble and respectful of others”, considered the player, who insisted that his goal has to be “to win the first game”.

“We must place ourselves in a good area to opt for everything with guarantees when there are 5 or 10 games left. To be a strong and united block”, he reflected.

The albiazul sports director, Sergio Fernandez, highlighted the player’s predisposition to join the club. “Salva is the master guide of what we would like to be in the present and future,” he added.